Clarksburg, West Virginia, native Diana Lewis Jackson looks back at ‘humble beginnings’ that led to owning award-winning business with offices in 11 states

MORGANTOWN — Diana Lewis Jackson refers to her childhood as “humble beginnings.” Then she takes it a step further: “We were really poor.”

Jackson was born in Clarksburg and graduated from Liberty High School. She was the youngest of seven children, “always bringing up the rear, trying to catch up to my siblings all the time,” as she puts it.

These days, life is going smoothly for Jackson. She is the founder of Action Facilities Management, which provides integrated facilities management, security services, janitorial services and contract vehicles. The business now has offices in 11 states and Washington, D.C.

But, it was a long journey for Jackson to get where she is now. Flash back three decades, and Jackson was a single mother of two children, trying to work her way through college. She said it was a hard balance at times.

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